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Tips to Avoid Online Wholesale Scams

E-commerce has significantly simplified our lives to the point where the need to visit a physical store is no longer necessary. There’s almost nothing that isn’t available online. What’s even better is the fact that shopping from an online store or a website allows you to compare the prices between several stores before making the final purchase.

One such perk of e-commerce is the online delivery of cell parts.

Cell Phone Parts and E-Commerce

In the cell phone repair business, the need for a particular mobile part can arise anywhere, anytime! Luckily enough, you can now order mobile repair parts online and can have delivered at your earliest. In addition to that, online cell parts stores offer frequent discount and promotions, reducing your purchasing cost.

However, online delivery of mobile repair parts often comes with scams.

Retailers and shop owners are often swayed by the low prices some online wholesale stores offer. But many unreliable stores are often ripping you off by delivering poor-quality or broken products, charging you with heavy shipment cost, or stealing your credit card number!

It’s better to be safe than sorry! While buying cell parts from an online wholesaler, watch out for these scams.

Counterfeit Cell Parts

This is one of the most common scams. When you’re browsing for products from a website, the wholesaler might promise you the highest quality and you’re swayed by the affordable pricing they offer. You place your order and a few days later, you’re supplied with what’s possibly the worst quality of products. It gets worse if you install these parts in your customer’s phone and a few days later, they come back complaining about their malfunctioning phones.

While buying cell parts from online wholesale dealers, always remember to conduct a thorough survey about their reputation. Ask other retailers who may have shopped from them and visit the Better Business Bureau website to check for any complaints launched against them.

Pay Now and Get Later

Retailers and shop owners that are new to the mobile repair business often fall victim to these scams. When you shop online for cell parts, the wholesaler asks you to pay for these products prior to their delivery. They may give you a variety of reasons, one of them being, might be that they require you to make pre-orders since those parts run out of stock quickly.

The reason why it’s difficult to identify this scam is that many genuine wholesale stores also ask for pre-payment before delivery. The only way to make sure you’re not being scammed is to confirm the shipment before paying an invoice.

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