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Tips On How Your Customers Can Increase Their Battery Span

If you’re a retailer who provides cell phone repair services, you must be all too familiar with complaints regarding a draining battery. Customers often come to you complaining about how they plug out their phones at a 100% battery charge and only a few songs and hour-long browsing later, their battery is down to a 10% charge.


So the next time a customer comes with a frequently draining battery, remember to give them a few tips on how they can increase their battery’s lifespan.


1. Operating Phones in Normal Temperatures


Cell phone users often have a habit of leaving their phones in their car as they go shopping or for other arrangements. But what they don’t know is that during sunny weather or below freezing temperatures, this can be the worst mistake they can possibly make. Extreme temperatures strain the phone’s battery, shortening its lifespan.

Always advise your customers to ensure it’s not exposed to extreme weather conditions, to prolong its battery life.


2. Avoiding Fast Charging


Fast charging is another frequent mistake made by cell phone users, which puts excessive stress on the battery, ultimately damaging its internal circuitry. Always advise your customers to avoid fast charging, unless it’s absolutely needed.

Charging phones from smart plugs and computers limits the voltage input, slowing down the charging rate. So the next time a customer comes asking for a fast charger, remember to mention this to them!


3. Charge Phones Before 0% Battery


Most cell phone users wait until their battery reaches 0% to plug in the charger. However, this is another battery-damaging habit you can ask your customers to avoid. The best time to charge a battery is when it’s above 20% and keep charging it until 90% to ensure optimum performance. Phones operate at their maximum capacity between 50–70% charging.

So instead of waiting for the phone to reach 0% battery, advise your customers to charge their phones frequently for shorter durations. This’ll help them maintain their battery percentage at the desired range.

By giving the following tips to your customers, you can keep their batteries happy and save them from frequent battery troubles. However, if their battery has already started troubling them, it’s better to replace it to ensure optimum phone performance.

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