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These 4 Things are Ruining Your Cell Phone’s Battery

Our reliance on cell phones is immense. Whether we want to send an email, catch up on the latest social trends, shop online, play games, research for an important assignment – we do it all on our cell phones.

If that wasn’t enough, we now have smartphone controlled toilets—yes, we even poo using our cell phones.

All this use takes a toll on our cell phone’s battery.


Isn’t it annoying to pull out your cell phone only to see it’s all out of juice?

The experience can be quite frustrating.

Whether you blame the technology for that…


They don't make legends like you anymore!

…or your excessive use of cell phone, one thing is for sure: it’s not an ideal situation to be in.

Obviously, we can’t do anything to improve the technology by ourselves (unless you are the next Elon Musk) or cut our use of cell phones (this is the world of smartphones and we all live in it), but what we can do is we can stop doing silly things that ruin our phone’s battery.

Yes, there are many things we do on a daily basis without realizing these things may be ruining our phone’s battery…

Putting Your Phone in Your Pocket

Well, we all do that. Isn’t that what pockets are for?

Turns out, it’s one of the most common battery-draining activities. Pocket lint is a silent battery killer. Please keep your phone out of your pocket.


Charging Your Phone’s Battery to Full

Many of us think that charging our phones to a full-100 percent is a good thing. Obviously, if your phone’s battery is charged at 100%, it’s likely to last longer.

The truth is, charging your phone to 100 percent can gradually shorten your phone’s battery life.  

Give your cell phone pints of recharge during the day instead of giving it hours of power.


Putting Your Cell Phone in Your Car’s Cup Holder

You’re driving. You answer a call and once the call is over, you look for the most convenient spot to put your cell phone in.

Ahh, there it is – the cup holder!

But do you know, putting your cell phone in your car’s cup holder can actually damage your phone’s battery?

There could be leftover condensation in your car’s cup holder which could prove deadly for your phones charging port


Turning a Blind Eye to the Software Updates

Software updates can be tedious and they consume lots of space. But they are also good for your phone’s battery life. In fact, app developers keep battery life at the forefront along with other performance enhancement modifications with each update.

So the next time you see a software update notification pop up on your screen, instead of ignoring it, tap “Install”.


Which of the above tips helped you the most? Did we forget something? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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