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The Effects of iPhone Water Damage

Water damage is a common problem for iPhone users. Any sort of water damage to the phone is not covered under Apple’s warranty and may even completely void the warranty if the damage to the hardware is a little too severe.

It is really important for all iPhone users to detect and get their phones treated immediately after they have been exposed to water. If water damage is left untreated, it may completely render the phone unusable.

Apple equips all of their phones with LCI (Liquid Contact Indicators) inside the headphone jacks, which turns red when they come into contact with water. The LCIs are clearly visible from the outside and if they are found to be red, then the phone should be diagnosed immediately.

 Here are some ways in which water damage can affect your iPhone:

Issues with Booting Up

If your phone has been damaged by water, you must never boot it. The best thing to do is to turn it off and let it sit to dry. Only after two or three hours when the phone has completely dried, should you try and boot it up again.

However, issues with boot up are quite common after a phone has been damaged by water.

While you may have experienced a boot loop after installing updates on your phone, it can also happen after water damage. Boot loops mean that your phone will keep booting up again and again, without actually starting up.

Other problems that you could face with boot up are screen turning completely white or the phone not booting up at all.


Hardware Issues

If water enters from one part of your iPhone, then it may only damage certain parts. For example, the ear piece of your iPhone may stop working, while the rest of the phone may work fine. Similarly, your speakers or mouthpiece may also get affected.

You may also experience a little bit of overheating in your phone, which means that your battery has been damaged.

Software Issues

Hardware issues with you iPhone aren’t always apparent, which is why you should keep a lookout for software issues.

Software issues related to water damage include apps freezing and crashing or opening up on their own, and IOS freezing altogether.

You will need to have a thorough inspection of your phone in order to know the exact extent of the damage. In the end, it is better to get replacement for all the damaged components immediately, and since warranty won’t cover you, you will have to purchase these parts on your own.

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