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The Dangers of Using a Cracked iPhone Screen

In spite of our best efforts, accidents do happen. One minute you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, the next minute you watch in slow motion as your phone slips through your fingers and lands screen-first on the ground. Picking it up confirms your fears: the screen has shattered and now has a huge crack running across its surface.

Getting your iPhone’s screen can be a bit expensive, but it’s going to cost you even more if you let it remain the way it is! Using a phone with a cracked screen can be quite dangerous, and is definitely not recommended!


Malfunctioning Touch Screen

As unpleasant a truth as it may be, that cracked screen isn’t getting fixed on its own. If you continue to use your iPhone despite it having a broken screen, you can end up compromising the functioning of its touch screen. You may find your phone taking longer than usual to respond to finger gestures, and it’s just as likely that it stops responding altogether.

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This is because a broken phone screen is susceptible to dust, debris, and finger oils which can find their way inside the cracks. This can further your iPhone and you can end up with an even bigger problem at hand as the touch screen begins to malfunction.  

Loss of Protective Cover

You phone’s touch screen acts as a protective shield, sheltering the inner parts of the device from any external damage. Once broken, it’s not just the user-interface function that is compromised; your phone’s internal protection is also affected.

While using a damp cloth to wipe the screen clean is a common and easy way of keep it free of dust and smudges, this is no longer an option if the screen has cracks. Because the screen is no longer able to protect the internal system, the water can seep through the cracks and reach the insides of your phone. This can be especially dangerous as your iPhone may face a short circuit. Moreover, if your model was initially water resistant, the loss of an intact screen also strips it of this feature.  

 cell phone

Exposure to Harmful Radiation

Research has already shown that the radiation emitted from cell phones can negatively impact the users’ health. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has even categorized the radiation given off by cell phones to be potentially carcinogenic, with quite a few health risks. With a broken screen and the phone’s internal system exposed, the consequences can be even more severe and the users are likely to be at a greater risk of getting cancer.

Splinters on Your Fingers

Your phone’s not the only one suffering the repercussions of a broken screen; your fingers are at risk of getting badly cut too!

The small glass splinters that appear once the screen is broken can severely injure your fingers as you swipe across the surface. Not just that but you can also hurt the palm of your hand or your ears when holding the phone or receiving calls.

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