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Spot the Real from Fake

As technology continues to take giant strides, the number of counterfeit products is also on the increase. Fake cell phones being sold under the illusion of a brand name is a growing concern today. Not only are customers being ripped off, but brands are receiving the backlash of products they didn’t even manufacture. So how do you avoid becoming prey to a knock-off cell phone?



Unnaturally low prices


The telltale sign of a counterfeit phone is its surprisingly low price. If a website is offering you 70-90% off on a smartphone, you should immediately know something is not right. The most common reason for such low prices is that the product being sold is fake. Popular cell phone brands never sell their devices at dirt cheap rates. They account for R&D done in their products as well as the good quality parts and craftsmanship that goes into their products.


Double check the IMEI number


The International Mobile Equipment Identity (IMEI) number is effective at spotting a fake device from a real one. This code can be requested by dialing *#06#. It reveals the manufacturer name, making it easy to spot a fake phone from a real one.


Build quality


Counterfeit devices masquerade like the real thing in terms of “looks”, but often the manufacturers don’t get the build quality right. Branded phones use patented materials and parts which counterfeit producers cannot compete with. The very feel of the product will make you realize there’s something off. If your friend has the same model phone as you, grab a hold of it to compare the material and weight.


Third-party apps


For those who have Android phones, Android Play can indirectly help you figure out if your phone is real or fake. This platform has a multitude of apps that can be downloaded on the device. Once installed on the phone, these apps collect data from the device, which helps determine the real model of the phone and the manufacturer.

The best app to determine your phone’s true make is “Antutu”. The app is a great benchmarking tool. If the data mined by the app doesn’t match, your device is a counterfeit.




Another way to determine the true origins of a cell phone is to check the details in the phone. To check this out you need to look for “About Phone” in its settings. Compare this list of specs provided with that on the box or the website.

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