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Some Tips to Protect Your Android Touch Screens

Android is an operating system designed by Google for smartphone and tablet devices. With heaps of Android-enabled devices, the OS is continuously enhancing its market share.  

The success of any Smartphone lies in its touch. The touch screen of the device has to be perfect.

With Corning Gorilla Glass, Smartphones today have some of the most robust and sturdiest touch screens.

However, being the most used area, the touch screen can get damaged. Here are some ways you can protect your Android touch screens:

Use the Calibration Tool


From Apple to Samsung, all big brands offer a calibration tool for phones that require touch. When you feel that the responsiveness of your touch screen has deteriorated in quality, you can calibrate it.

Make sure you are clearly following the manufacturers’ guidelines. Once you do that, you will surely experience an improvement in touch quality.

Be Gentle with the Touch


This is pretty obvious. Whether you are in a hurry or are angry at something (completely unrelated to the phone), make sure you are not tapping the device harder than you should.

Also, keep it away from sharp objects and prevent it from falling.


Be Careful When Downloading Apps


With Android platform offering millions of apps, you might get over-excited. However, make sure that you are only downloading credible apps. You can do that by taking a look at ratings and reading reviews.

Apps with malware can infiltrate your system and can compromise the sensitivity of the touch. If you accidentally have downloaded any such app, terminate all other operations and uninstall it immediately.

Use a Screen Guard


A screen guard or protector is applied at the top of the screen. It minimizes the blows that your phone receives. However, you do not want to choose a protector that is too thick, as it would affect your touch experience.


Keep it Away from the Sun


Exposure to sunlight might be good for your skin, but it’s not healthy for your phone’s touch screen.

Make sure you do not let the display get exposed to sunlight.


Do not leave it Idle for Too Long


For effective performance of your touch screen, you should use it regularly. If the screen stays idle for too long, it can lead to ‘burn-in’.

One good way to stop burn-in from happening is to choose the lock screen option from the Settings menu. Set the time to lock the screen when it’s not used for a specific period of time.

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