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Samsung Galaxy Note 9 Versus Samsung Galaxy S9 plus: The Better Purchase?

With the launch of the Galaxy Note 9, its most blatant rival seems to be the company’s own Galaxy S9 plus. People who prefer the use of Android phones remain loyal to Samsung as the go to brand for value for money and quality of technology. A Galaxy S and a Note phone are announced every six months, it makes it difficult to be able to choose between the two.


Factors that affect the decision

Much of the core technology of the two stays the same, but there are slight differences between the two. There are many factors that can impact your decision to buy either such as what your budget is. It helps to keep in mind why you are making the purchase in the first place, for example, are you looking to upgrade your phone? Which phone did you have previously?

Note 9 specifications

If you already had the Note 8, it might be difficult for you to adapt to the Galaxy 9 plus, given the minimal changes between the two. Note users or those who find it optimal for use, are used to a larger screen display as well as the S pen.

It also has the better storage than the S9 plus. You have the option to be able to purchase 512GB internal storage. This is twice as much as the maximum available in its rival.  And additional microSD card of the same size offers over 1 TB of storage space in the phone.

Samsung S9 plus

Other than the features described above the S9 Plus is almost identical to the Note 9. Even the cameras in the two are similar.  The display is fractionally smaller but still excellent for both indoors and outdoors for both phones. The S9 is also noted to have higher pixel density and screen to body ratio.

If you can do without the S pen, the extra storage space and the larger batter, it’s more favorable to purchase the S9 Plus and save some money as well. But if it’s well within your budget to purchase the Note 9, you can get value for money with the additional features that are available to you.

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