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Lifetime Guarantee on Cell Parts—Here’s Why They’re Important for Your Phone

Have you ever had your day ruined because someone walked past you carelessly or bumped into you, causing you to drop your phone? We’ve all been there!

Phones are fragile, and even with all the technological advancements in the mobile space, they’re still vulnerable to cracks, battery issues, or their speakers going bad. If you’ve experienced any of these issues, you’re probably wondering whether you should replace the whole phone or only the damaged parts.

And unless you’re super rich, replacing a phone every single time you have an issue isn’t economical. So if you’re clumsy like us, having a warranty or a guarantee really comes in handy.

Let us explain the difference between a warranty and a guarantee, after which, we’ll move on to what a lifetime guarantee for cell phone parts entails.

Guarantee vs. Warranty

According to, a guarantee is a part of a warranty. A warranty translates to a legal, binding, and written agreement that ensures the repair or replacement of a product. The promise is a guarantee, while the promise given is a warranty. The terms are used alternatively in many scenarios, with warranty becoming the commonly more used term.

Lifetime Warranty on Cell Phone Parts

A lifetime warranty may mean different things for every industry and even every company. The three main categories that people put lifetime warranties in are

  •  Warranty till the lifetime of the owner
  •  Warranty till the product outlives its complete usefulness
  •  Warranty till the owner owns the product

Any or none of these might be applicable depending on the terms and conditions provided by the company. Every product that you buy has a varying lifetime and usefulness, so circumstances definitely shape the meaning of a lifetime warranty.


Customers are likely to buy products that offer longer warranties, especially if they’re at risk of damage. Cell phones are delicate, and a lifetime warranty on a cell phone part means that in case of any unintended damage pertaining to the specific part, you can ask the company for a repair or replacement, free of cost.

Often, supplemental damages to the warranted part are not covered, which is why reading the terms is vital. We know it can be boring, but understanding all the conditions and any exclusivity that comes with the warranty will save you from any surprises later on.

Why Getting a Lifetime Warranty on Your Cell Phone is Important?

We mentioned earlier that a lifetime warranty will save you from incurring additional costs pertaining to repairs or phone replacement; but apart from the obvious, there are various other benefits.

  •  A warranty means that you can avoid the hassle of looking for a reliable local repair shop and go directly to the warranty provider
  •  The defects will be repaired using OEM parts, so you know that the quality of the replaced parts isn’t compromised
  •  A support team will always be there to accommodate you when you have a warranty
  •  If the part has a lifetime warranty, the chances are that the manufacturer or provider believes it to be top quality and highly resistant to damage

If you’re currently looking for a replacement or repair of your non-warranted cell phone part, buy it from us at Cell Parts Hub and get a lifetime warranty on it. We are based in Texas and with more than 20 years of experiences, we are here to provide you high quality cell phone repair parts and accessories.

Get in touch with us via our website for more questions or comments.

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