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Know Your Smartphone Parts: A Smartphone Deconstruction of the iPhone X

If you are a cell phone parts enthusiast, or just generally take a keen interest in how things work, then you might be curious to see what a disassembled phone looks like. And when it comes to the most coveted smartphone, ever since Apple introduced the iPhone; here we talk about what a deconstructed iPhone X looks like and what it entails.

Ease of reparability

The iPhone X is the most innovative in design since the iPhone 7 came out. It has to be opened from the side just like the iPhone 7 and 8, because of the absence of the home button but it’s entirely different on the inside. Even its hardware is a lot denser than its predecessors, which in itself is an indication of how far it has come in terms of design. It’s definitely more difficult to take apart and access the parts, which means you might need to avail professional services for its repair.  


The newer model capitalizes on its larger display, the largest of any iPhone. But the larger display requires a larger battery to operate. The new battery promises to give an additional two hours of battery life. But it also requires a lot more space for it to be able to fit. The display is a 5.8”all screen OLED display which is called Super Retina HD by Apple. It has a 2436 x 1125 resolution.


With the logic board folded in half; it leaves more room for the battery as well as the hardware and powerful FaceID. The two cell battery is a first for Apple phones, and weighs 10.35 Wh. For a phone that is relatively smaller in size, it holds its own.


A thick bracket holds the dual rear camera and foam adhesives are in place to provide extra support for the cameras. This makes the cameras stay in place for portrait mode and makes the photos turn out better than ever. There are two 12 mega pixel cameras, one is wide angle and the other is telephoto. Both have optical image stabilization.


The premium display and the black glass covering make this a pricier replacement project and repairs are even more complicated and expensive. The tri point screws remain intact, which means you will need your iPhone repair kit to be able to access it.

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