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Is Samsung S9 Actually Worth The Price Tag?

The latest in Samsung’s line of Galaxy phones, the S9 is out. The phone can cost buyers anywhere from $720 to $800 depending on the carriers they choose. As with every Samsung Note or S series release, there was a lot of hype created regarding the phone. The features of the phone were discussed in depth online before it was even released.  Our experts are here to tell you if this latest release is worth its price.




The S9 is known for its sleek look. It possesses a smooth metal frame with a curved glass panel, like the S8. The feel of this phone is more seamless though, the curved glass feels better put together than the previous models. These curved panels make it easier to swipe from the very edge of the screen.

The phone is identical to the S8 which is bad news for some. Those who want to show off their newest purchase won’t be able to, since very little distinguishes this phone from the previous model. What the S9 does have is smoother biometric recognition and security. The screen also performs better when set on low light.

On the right of the body is the power button, like all other Samsung smartphones. The Bixby button can be found on the left, under the volume buttons. The positioning of this button can take some time to get used to. In the first few tries, you’ll surely hit this button when wanting to turn down the volume.

The screen size is the same as the S8. At 5.8 inches, this screen isn’t too big for one-handed use.  There are visible improvements in the AMOLED panel. The colors on the screen appear more vibrant, yet true.

The charging port and headphone jack are located at the bottom of the phone. A USB-Type C charging cable is needed for these phones. As other S series phones, this too is water and dust resistant. One important change made in this phone is that the fingerprint sensor has been relocated.  It’s now easier to use your finger to unlock the device.





The S9 has some amazing camera features. It performs well under daylight and low light circumstances. It’s amazing to shoot videos on. Users can record 60fps at full HD, 4K resolutions. We must mention that shooting at 4K removes the image stabilization.

This camera offers the widest aperture than any other smartphone at f/1.5.

Samsung’s noise-reduction allows smoother pictures when shooting at night. You’ll no longer get grainy images like before!

The S9 camera can also shoot in Slow-mo which is a new feature for Samsung devices.


Battery performance


You’ll get a day’s use out of the phone if you’re using it normally (checking messages and browsing through social media). The phone supports fast charging so you’ll be back to 100% in no time!




The S9 comes with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 845 processor. Apps open fast and the entire phone is responsive.

The device supports HDR10 so Netflix and YouTube look its best on this phone.

The advanced processor promises better graphics, making this phone perfect for gaming. It can also handle multitasking well so you don’t need to be worried about games crashing.

Now that you know the inside scoop on the phone, would you be interested in buying it?

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