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Galaxy S4 Rear Camera Lens Cover

  • Cracked, scratched, or chipped camera lens cover


  • Works With all Galaxy S4 model numbers
  • SCH-I545 SPH-L720 SGH-M919 SGH-I337 GT-I9505
  • Not compatible with any other Samsung models
  • Lens Cover only (replacement camera sold separately)


  • Brand New - All Parts are 100% new


  • 30 Day - Same item exchange




High quality replacement if the cover for the back of your Galaxy S4 has been damaged and is causing blurry images or sun spots. This replacement can be used to repair your device in under 10 minutes. The lens cover sits on top of the camera and is covered by a metal ring. Once the camera is removed you can the ring off and then the old lens cover. Note that there is a strong adhesive holding the lens down and it will need to be pried off. The new lens cover will have a new adhesive strip to hold it in place. Lens Cover only. Does not include the replacement camera.