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Defying Fraud: How to Purchase High-Quality Cellular Repair Parts

E-commerce stores have made it possible for consumers to adjust to a lifestyle that’s immensely comfortable and convenient. Just a decade or two ago, shopping at the touch of a few buttons was a concept out of sci-fi movies.

But anonymity and a lack of accountability have allowed scammers to exploit vulnerabilities in stores with poor security measures in place. Even with proper security measures, defrauders are able to set up knockoff versions of legitimate websites that sell cheap or counterfeit products at ‘discounted’ rates to unsuspecting customers.


The online cellular repair parts industry is huge, though, and it’s often difficult to single out original mobile phone parts from cheap copies.

Here’s a list of few things to look at before you purchase wholesale cell phone parts online are:

Product Costs

Illegitimate websites will often sell products at a lower cost than the market rate by offering discounts and sales. Before making a purchase, check out multiple stores to get a clear idea of actual prices and opt for a purchase from established stores rather than a never-heard-of store selling products on sale.

Product Specifications

Legitimate businesses list full product descriptions as well as graphics of the product to clearly indicate what they’re selling. Spend a few minutes on reading product descriptions and make sure that they’re detailed..

Payment Plan

Illegal businesses want you to pay upfront or often ask for security questions that have no relevance to online shopping. Don’t entertain requests for your social security number or credit card CVV number.


Terms and Conditions

Illegal online retailers have very vague terms and conditions for product purchases. Inadequate details on shipping, handling, and quality of products should immediately raise a red flag.  

Return Policy

Fake websites have no-return policies along with a complete lack of quality assurance on products. If you receive a cheap or faulty material, you’ll have no way to replace or return it.

Contact and Address

Credible online stores make sure that a representative is available to talk you through any confusion about a product or service via instant chat. Defrauders avoid having such contact avenues and detailed addresses of office locations on their website to avoid any legal notice.


It’s always best to shop from stores based on customer reviews and past experiences. For Texas residents, one of the best available solutions to get OEM quality cellular parts is Cell Parts Hub.

We’re a store that’s been in the market for 20 years. With the products coming directly from the manufacturer of cell phone parts, you get quality assurance and immediate delivery on all the products we stock.

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