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Buying Cell Phone Screen Protectors: What You Should Know

You just bought your new iPhone XS. And you couldn’t be happier! But just the other day, your friend advised you to buy a screen protector to protect it from damage. And you’ve never been more confused, especially with a variety of options available in the market!

Here’s how you can purchase the best quality screen protector for your phone.

Types of Screen Protectors

From minimizing the harsh glare of the sunlight to protecting your phone’s screen, cell phone screen protectors serve a variety of purposes. Let’s take a look!

· Standard Cell Phone Screen Protectors

Also termed as the crystal-clear cell phone screen protector, this type of protector is designed to be as natural-looking as possible. This protector’s usually on a thinner side and has a smooth surface. This makes it easier for you to glide your fingers easily across your phone’s screen. However, the only downside is it doesn’t reduce the glare when you’re out in the sun.

· AG Cell Phone Screen Protectors

If you’re looking for a screen protector that doesn’t reflect the harsh sunlight back into the eyes, go for the anti-glare (AG) Protector. Usually boasting a matte finish, this protector will make your screen readable even under direct sunlight. And the best part is that it’ll reduce your fingerprint smudges to a greater degree than a standard screen protector. However, it can also affect the clarity of your screen. 

· Mirror Cell Phone Screen Protectors

If you use your phone mainly for texting and calling purposes, opt for the mirror screen protector. This will also double as a mirror when your screen isn’t on. However, it can make watching videos on your phone a little difficult.

Characteristics to Look for When Buying a Screen Protector

A good quality cell phone screen protector should have the following characteristics.

· Anti-Smudge

Before buying a screen protector, make sure it offers decent protection against fingerprints and smudges. Otherwise, you’ll find yourself wiping your screen more times than you can count!

· Shatter and Scrape Proof

A good quality screen protector should be able to withstand pressure and falls without shattering. They should also be able to protect the screen from damage in case of any heavy blows from a sharp object.


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