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Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s  A $3.00
Apple iPhone 5/5c/5s  B $1.00
 Apple  iPhone 5/5c/5s   C  $1.00
 Apple   iPhone 6   A   $7.00
 Apple   iPhone 6   B   $4.00
 Apple  iPhone 6  C   $2.00 
 Apple    iPhone 6+  A     $12.00
 Apple     iPhone 6+   B   $6.00
 Apple     iPhone 6+   C   $3.00 
Apple   iPhone 6S A   $12.00
Apple   iPhone 6S B $6.00
Apple   iPhone 6S C $3.00
Apple     iPhone 6S+ A   $25.00
Apple     iPhone 6S+ B   $15.00
Apple     iPhone 6S+ C $8.00
Apple iPhone 7 A  $25.00
Apple iPhone 7 B  $13.00
Apple iPhone 7 C $6.00
Apple   iPhone 7+ A  $45.00
Apple   iPhone 7+ B  $25.00
Apple   iPhone 7+ C  $15.00
Apple iPhone 8 A $35.00
Apple  iPhone 8 B $20.00
Apple iPhone 8 C $10.00
Apple  iPhone 8+ A $50.00
Apple  iPhone 8+ B $30.00
Apple  iPhone 8+ C $15.00
Apple iPhone X A   $120.00
Apple iPhone X B $70.00
Apple iPhone X C $40.00
Samsung Android A $3.00
Samsung Galaxy B $1.00
Apple iPad  A $3.00
Apple iPad New  B $1.00

 Grade A: Original LCD with good touch.

 Grade B: Original LCD with dead pixel(s) and or spot(s).

 Grade C: Original  LCD with small color pressure damage area (normally in  
 blue, red, green and somtimes pink.)

 Bad screen: Lines, burns, bad touch, missing flex, yellow area, water damage, large
 color pressure damage.

 Call 1-866-861-5655 for a FREE shipping label 

 Package your screens to ship out

 We receive the broken LCD’s and test them

 You get paid for your broken LCD's (paypal, check, or credit on your account)


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