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Predicting Apple’s 2019 Lineup

A new year brings with it many exciting opportunities like a whole new line up of Apple products. If you are a tech junky, you’d want to know the latest products Apple is rumored to be releasing this year.

Here are our predictions:

iPhone SE2


Many people find the large iPhone X and 8 too big for them to use comfortably. Consumers would love a more user-friendly version of the phone. The former 4inch iPhone SE model is rumored to be released in 2019.

The company will most likely hold on to the classic design but upgrade the features of the phone like an A10 chip and better quality camera.

iPad mini

Experts are divided on the topic. While many think the hype of tablets has gone down for Apple to release another model, others believe there is still a ray of hope. With the increasing screen size of the iPhones, the company could be driving away business from one product and directing t into another.

Those who anticipate another iPad mini release, think a slimmer version with a tougher body would be a good idea. The device could also be equipped with a Smart Connector to match the iPad Pros.

Apple Streaming

Apple is ready to venture into new territories. With the smart phone, laptop, and tablet market saturated, it only makes sense that they look for other streams of income. Speaking of streaming, their latest service might just be a subscription-based streaming service. The company is already making its own shows, so the idea of a streaming platform doesn’t seem so far-fetched.

The platform will be accessible to all Apple products and it will most likely release in spring 2019.


Apple TV

The existing Apple TV is well loved by users with not much left to improve it. There are still rumors going about that the company could be preparing to launch a smaller cheaper version of it. It’s a good way to get people accustomed to the content they create too.

Air Power

To go with the 2018 iPhone 8 models, Apple announced a wireless charging pad to go with all new devices. This charging pad is known as the AirPower.

The device can charge multiple devices including the iPhone, Apple Watch, and AirPods. The device has been created to manage and analyze the charging of these devices so that they are juiced up most efficiently.

AirPods 2

AirPods were first released in 2016 with the iPhone 7 and most consumers were not impressed with the price point and impractical design. Since then many have gone on to invest in it and actually love the convenience they provide.

The headphones will probably be water resistant and voice activated with Siri. Noise cancellation and biometrically activated functions would also be highly appreciated by users.

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The Most Anticipated Smartphones of 2019

Consumers save up eagerly all year to purchase the latest version of smartphones. Those obsessed with technology want the latest the market has to offer.


Here’s a list of phones lined up for release this year:

Samsung Galaxy S10 & S10+

Samsung’s Galaxy range is always the most sought-after by consumers. Fans of the brand are loyal to it because of its durability and innovative technology. The 2019 Galaxy release is set for the 20th of February.

Consumers have been speculating in-display fingerprint scanners and news about having 5 potential cameras is doing rounds in the market. Many think that there are 3 cameras on the back and 2 in the front. There’s also talk about an embedded camera under the display. The handset will also be one of a kind with 5G technology.

Google Pixel 3 Lite and Pixel 3 Lite XL

There are rumors going around that there’s a Lite version of the Google phone. With the same camera quality as the flagship model, the Lite version is set below that of the flagship. Speculations are going about that the device could have the Qualcomm Snapdragon 670 or 710. Google has yet to release any official statements about the phone. The phone is expected to release in early spring.

Nokia 9 PureView


This Nokia device has been in the pipeline for a while now. It was discussed in 2017 but looks like the company is set to release this smartphone this year. Videos have been leaked on the internet, that confirm its large 5.99-inch display. The Zeiss camera and its 5 lenses will give this phone a one-of-a-kind look. Despite being a new release, the device will have the Snapdragon 845.

Apple iPhone XI

We’re still not sure about the name Apple will give its next iPhone. Unlike other 2019 releases, this phone won’t be 5G enabled. Apple generally shies away from new technology. They wait to see the success of innovative technology with competitors before implementing it in their products. Experts are suggesting 2 models will be released this year but keep your expectations low on a new design.

Samsung Galaxy F

Rumors about Samsung releasing a folding phone have been going about for a few years now. The official prototype was recently unveiled and experts are of the opinion that this year it will finally be released. There have been no official statements by the company about what the device will be named. With the Infinity Flex display, this phone is anticipated to be set at $2000.

Samsung Galaxy Note 10

The second best seller of Samsung, the Note series will be releasing its new Galaxy Note 10 this year. Like the iPhone, the 3.5mm headphone jack might be a thing of the past. The screen size could possibly be amped up, setting it apart from the S series release. The phone is set to release in August 2019.

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Tips to Avoid Online Wholesale Scams

E-commerce has significantly simplified our lives to the point where the need to visit a physical store is no longer necessary. There’s almost nothing that isn’t available online. What’s even better is the fact that shopping from an online store or a website allows you to compare the prices between several stores before making the final purchase.

One such perk of e-commerce is the online delivery of cell parts.

Cell Phone Parts and E-Commerce

In the cell phone repair business, the need for a particular mobile part can arise anywhere, anytime! Luckily enough, you can now order mobile repair parts online and can have delivered at your earliest. In addition to that, online cell parts stores offer frequent discount and promotions, reducing your purchasing cost.

However, online delivery of mobile repair parts often comes with scams.

Retailers and shop owners are often swayed by the low prices some online wholesale stores offer. But many unreliable stores are often ripping you off by delivering poor-quality or broken products, charging you with heavy shipment cost, or stealing your credit card number!

It’s better to be safe than sorry! While buying cell parts from an online wholesaler, watch out for these scams.

Counterfeit Cell Parts

This is one of the most common scams. When you’re browsing for products from a website, the wholesaler might promise you the highest quality and you’re swayed by the affordable pricing they offer. You place your order and a few days later, you’re supplied with what’s possibly the worst quality of products. It gets worse if you install these parts in your customer’s phone and a few days later, they come back complaining about their malfunctioning phones.

While buying cell parts from online wholesale dealers, always remember to conduct a thorough survey about their reputation. Ask other retailers who may have shopped from them and visit the Better Business Bureau website to check for any complaints launched against them.

Pay Now and Get Later

Retailers and shop owners that are new to the mobile repair business often fall victim to these scams. When you shop online for cell parts, the wholesaler asks you to pay for these products prior to their delivery. They may give you a variety of reasons, one of them being, might be that they require you to make pre-orders since those parts run out of stock quickly.

The reason why it’s difficult to identify this scam is that many genuine wholesale stores also ask for pre-payment before delivery. The only way to make sure you’re not being scammed is to confirm the shipment before paying an invoice.

If you’re looking for a reliable wholesaler for mobile repair parts, get in touch with Cell Parts Hub! We’re the largest cellular parts provider in Texas and offer genuine products at affordable rates. Our range of collection includes repair parts for LG, Samsung, Apple, Motorola, Huawei, and several other mobile brands. We also offer free ground shipping on all orders over $100.

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Smartphone Accessories You Can Get Online

Smartphones have become a central part of our lives. We use them to call our loved ones, watch hours of Netflix on them, and take gratuitous amounts of cat photos with them.

The best part? You can augment your smartphone with a ton of accessories to make it more functional and more resistant to damage! You can even find all of these accessories online.

But one of the biggest problems consumers face with e-commerce stores is the credibility of their potential suppliers. The unspoken rule of online shopping is that you can’t spend money solely on the word of a supplier; you have to indulge in a bit of research and internet digging. This includes word of mouth, referrals, reviews, etc.

At Cell Parts Hub, we’re an e-commerce store that offers wholesale cell phone parts to customers in the Houston, Texas area. Our online store offers a variety of smart products, gadgets, and accessories at incredibly affordable prices. All our products are delivered safely to customers with the promise of quality and originality.

If you’re in the market to buy any smart gadget or smartphone accessory, here’s a list of a few products that are available on our e-commerce store.

Tempered Glass Screen Protectors

Compatible with iPhones and Android phones, tempered glass protectors are a huge market. Accidental damage to cell phones remains a common problem for smartphone owners.

And while rugged phones are available in the market, the average user is looking for more than just a durable screen. Subpar processing power or a low resolution camera just won’t do for the average smartphone user; tempered glass protectors are a great solution to this problem.


Audio Charge Adapter Cable

How many times have you wanted to listen to music but found that your phone’s battery was running out? The answer is probably 100s of times. Belkin has finally come up with a solution to that problem by introducing dongles so you can listen to the music anywhere while charging your phone.  You can buy them with a free warranty and quality assurances.


Compatible with all the latest iOS devices, IP-X headphones are a fun accessory for iPhone owners. The headphones come in retail packaging with a free warranty. Music and volume control buttons are available to easily manage your listening habits.  

Travel Charger

Travel chargers are an absolutely necessary accessory for anyone conducting business on the go. The UPLUS premium dual charger will keep your worries at bay if you ever need to charge while traveling.


Tool Kits

Tool kits are extremely handy if you like to dabble in DIY solutions. Hundreds of online tutorials are available to help you navigate through any modifications you want to make to your mobile phone. Screwdrivers and tweezers are also handy in everyday life, so this might be a great one-stop investment.

For even more accessories, visit our store!

Tips On How Your Customers Can Increase Their Battery Span

If you’re a retailer who provides cell phone repair services, you must be all too familiar with complaints regarding a draining battery. Customers often come to you complaining about how they plug out their phones at a 100% battery charge and only a few songs and hour-long browsing later, their battery is down to a 10% charge.


So the next time a customer comes with a frequently draining battery, remember to give them a few tips on how they can increase their battery’s lifespan.


1. Operating Phones in Normal Temperatures


Cell phone users often have a habit of leaving their phones in their car as they go shopping or for other arrangements. But what they don’t know is that during sunny weather or below freezing temperatures, this can be the worst mistake they can possibly make. Extreme temperatures strain the phone’s battery, shortening its lifespan.

Always advise your customers to ensure it’s not exposed to extreme weather conditions, to prolong its battery life.


2. Avoiding Fast Charging


Fast charging is another frequent mistake made by cell phone users, which puts excessive stress on the battery, ultimately damaging its internal circuitry. Always advise your customers to avoid fast charging, unless it’s absolutely needed.

Charging phones from smart plugs and computers limits the voltage input, slowing down the charging rate. So the next time a customer comes asking for a fast charger, remember to mention this to them!


3. Charge Phones Before 0% Battery


Most cell phone users wait until their battery reaches 0% to plug in the charger. However, this is another battery-damaging habit you can ask your customers to avoid. The best time to charge a battery is when it’s above 20% and keep charging it until 90% to ensure optimum performance. Phones operate at their maximum capacity between 50–70% charging.

So instead of waiting for the phone to reach 0% battery, advise your customers to charge their phones frequently for shorter durations. This’ll help them maintain their battery percentage at the desired range.

By giving the following tips to your customers, you can keep their batteries happy and save them from frequent battery troubles. However, if their battery has already started troubling them, it’s better to replace it to ensure optimum phone performance.

If you’re looking for repair parts for your cell phone batteries, get in touch with Cell Parts Hub! We’re a leading cellular parts provider in Texas catering to the repair needs of retailers, shop owners, and individuals.

Our range of collection includes parts for LG, Samsung, HTC, Motorola, and several other cellular brands.

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Defying Fraud: How to Purchase High-Quality Cellular Repair Parts

E-commerce stores have made it possible for consumers to adjust to a lifestyle that’s immensely comfortable and convenient. Just a decade or two ago, shopping at the touch of a few buttons was a concept out of sci-fi movies.

But anonymity and a lack of accountability have allowed scammers to exploit vulnerabilities in stores with poor security measures in place. Even with proper security measures, defrauders are able to set up knockoff versions of legitimate websites that sell cheap or counterfeit products at ‘discounted’ rates to unsuspecting customers.


The online cellular repair parts industry is huge, though, and it’s often difficult to single out original mobile phone parts from cheap copies.

Here’s a list of few things to look at before you purchase wholesale cell phone parts online are:

Product Costs

Illegitimate websites will often sell products at a lower cost than the market rate by offering discounts and sales. Before making a purchase, check out multiple stores to get a clear idea of actual prices and opt for a purchase from established stores rather than a never-heard-of store selling products on sale.

Product Specifications

Legitimate businesses list full product descriptions as well as graphics of the product to clearly indicate what they’re selling. Spend a few minutes on reading product descriptions and make sure that they’re detailed..

Payment Plan

Illegal businesses want you to pay upfront or often ask for security questions that have no relevance to online shopping. Don’t entertain requests for your social security number or credit card CVV number.


Terms and Conditions

Illegal online retailers have very vague terms and conditions for product purchases. Inadequate details on shipping, handling, and quality of products should immediately raise a red flag.  

Return Policy

Fake websites have no-return policies along with a complete lack of quality assurance on products. If you receive a cheap or faulty material, you’ll have no way to replace or return it.

Contact and Address

Credible online stores make sure that a representative is available to talk you through any confusion about a product or service via instant chat. Defrauders avoid having such contact avenues and detailed addresses of office locations on their website to avoid any legal notice.


It’s always best to shop from stores based on customer reviews and past experiences. For Texas residents, one of the best available solutions to get OEM quality cellular parts is Cell Parts Hub.

We’re a store that’s been in the market for 20 years. With the products coming directly from the manufacturer of cell phone parts, you get quality assurance and immediate delivery on all the products we stock.

6 Reasons Why Google Pixel 2 Is Such a Good Phone

While the majority of consumers have their eyes fixed either on Samsung of Apple smartphones, other companies with quality offers can be overshadowed. The Google Pixel 2, for one, is making its mark. The experience of using a Pixel 2 and Pixel 2 XL has made us realize that Google certainly produced better Smartphones when compared with Samsung’s Galaxy and Apple’s iPhone.

Here are 6 reasons why the Pixel 2 is the phone of choice.

The Cameras

Building on the success of the previous version’s camera capabilities, the Pixel 2 camera has 12.2 MP which allows for refined portraits without the need for a second lens to blur the background.

Google’s HDR+ feature coupled with a wider aperture delivers great results in low lighting. This is in addition to steadier footage owing to optical image stabilization.

Google Assistant

By now, it is a well-established fact that the Google Assistant is far superior to Apple’s Siri software. The new Active Edge feature allows you to summon the assistant with just a sideways-squeeze of the phone!

You can even adjust how hard you need to squeeze for it to activate and once it does come to life, you can order it to do anything from taking selfies to recording your favorite shows just using your voice. Now that’s what you call handy engineering!

Google Lens

The AI behind Google Lens is unmatched by any other Smartphone technology especially when it comes to object recognition. If you point the camera towards a movie poster or a book, it allows Google Assistant to collect all related data such as reviews, numbers, URLs, and email addresses. It can even provide reviews for your local bar. Pretty cool, right?

Longer Battery Life

Aside from faster charging times, the Pixel 2 can last you the entire day. In fact, testing reveals that the phone provides around 11 hours of usage and that’s with constant 4G LTE internet usage.

OLED Screens

The colorful OLED screens allow for a 1920 x 1080 resolution video quality. The XL version ups the game with 2880 x 1440 pixel resolution. Bezels are somewhat minimized with the XL’s narrower aspect ratio.

Augmented Reality

Although augmented reality is still in its early development, Google’s ARCore technology allows you to build virtual structures with Lego and play League of Legends on your dinner table. There’s also a feature that enables you to put animated characters on your screen so you can essentially take a picture with The Dark Lord himself!

An increasing demand for Google Pixel 2 signifies a similar increase in demand for spare parts and phone repair services. Contact us today for quality phone repair parts and accessories at reasonable rates!

A Repair Store’s Guide To Keeping Your Clients Informed About Hiring Professional Phone Repair Services

Smartphones are no longer a luxury. They’re incorporated into our everyday routines. Whether it’s sending an email on-the-go or checking your social media account, smartphones keep us connected.


The U.S. is ranked among the leading countries that adopted smartphone technology. According to statistics of 2017, 224.3 million people used smartphones in the U.S.

A technology that’s so massively adopted suffers from occasional damages as well. From landing on the floor to having water spilled, cell phones are exposed to various damages. A study conducted in 2014 reported that the damaged phones have been costing $4.8 billion to Americans since the last two years.  

As a cell phone repair retailer, you encounter many clients that try DIY hacks to repair their cell phones only for it to take a turn for the worse.

Here’s what you should tell your clients:


1. Appropriate Tools



Repairing a phone is a tough job. It requires precision and knowledge of the cell phone circuitry. The nano-sized wiring inside phones can be easily damaged during repair. Hiring a professional can eliminate this risk. They’re skilled for the job and have the appropriate tools for it.


2. Quick and Guaranteed Repair


Repair service providers provide rapid repair services with guaranteed results. If it’s a minor fault the repair hardly takes half an hour. In case of a major fault, the professional can inform you if it’s worth repairing.


3.  Save the Cost


There’s a chance that you might end up damaging your phone beyond repair in an attempt to mend it. Getting your phone repaired from a professional ensures guaranteed results.


4. Warranty Protection




The warranty claim is voided in case of a repair attempt. A professional repair center provides exceptional repair services while maintaining your warranty.


5. Restored Efficiency


Your phone slows down over time due to multiple reasons. A professional doesn’t only repair your damaged phone but returns it in mint condition!

Technicians refresh your phone and remove bugs and viruses from it to ensure efficiency and speed.


6. Identifying Upcoming Problems


Professional service providers don’t only repair the damage in hand. They analyze your phone and identify upcoming damages as well. A professional is able to spot problems with your microcontroller or internal circuitry. He can then suggest appropriate solutions.


If you’re retailer looking for cellular parts wholesale provider in Texas, get in touch with us. We provide quality grade repair parts at competitive prices to ensure the profit of our customers.

Contact us today for lifetime warranty and fastest shipping of cellular parts!

The Dangers of Using a Cracked iPhone Screen

In spite of our best efforts, accidents do happen. One minute you’re scrolling through your Facebook feed, the next minute you watch in slow motion as your phone slips through your fingers and lands screen-first on the ground. Picking it up confirms your fears: the screen has shattered and now has a huge crack running across its surface.

Getting your iPhone’s screen can be a bit expensive, but it’s going to cost you even more if you let it remain the way it is! Using a phone with a cracked screen can be quite dangerous, and is definitely not recommended!


Malfunctioning Touch Screen

As unpleasant a truth as it may be, that cracked screen isn’t getting fixed on its own. If you continue to use your iPhone despite it having a broken screen, you can end up compromising the functioning of its touch screen. You may find your phone taking longer than usual to respond to finger gestures, and it’s just as likely that it stops responding altogether.

cell phone

This is because a broken phone screen is susceptible to dust, debris, and finger oils which can find their way inside the cracks. This can further your iPhone and you can end up with an even bigger problem at hand as the touch screen begins to malfunction.  

Loss of Protective Cover

You phone’s touch screen acts as a protective shield, sheltering the inner parts of the device from any external damage. Once broken, it’s not just the user-interface function that is compromised; your phone’s internal protection is also affected.

While using a damp cloth to wipe the screen clean is a common and easy way of keep it free of dust and smudges, this is no longer an option if the screen has cracks. Because the screen is no longer able to protect the internal system, the water can seep through the cracks and reach the insides of your phone. This can be especially dangerous as your iPhone may face a short circuit. Moreover, if your model was initially water resistant, the loss of an intact screen also strips it of this feature.  

 cell phone

Exposure to Harmful Radiation

Research has already shown that the radiation emitted from cell phones can negatively impact the users’ health. The International Agency for Research on Cancer (IARC) has even categorized the radiation given off by cell phones to be potentially carcinogenic, with quite a few health risks. With a broken screen and the phone’s internal system exposed, the consequences can be even more severe and the users are likely to be at a greater risk of getting cancer.

Splinters on Your Fingers

Your phone’s not the only one suffering the repercussions of a broken screen; your fingers are at risk of getting badly cut too!

The small glass splinters that appear once the screen is broken can severely injure your fingers as you swipe across the surface. Not just that but you can also hurt the palm of your hand or your ears when holding the phone or receiving calls.

Don’t delay getting your iPhone’s screen repaired! Cell Parts Hub is one of the leading repair companies in the industry and provides mobile phone parts to wholesale and retail buyers, as well as individual clients all across Texas. Visit your nearest repair shop and get a screen replacement with our high quality products at the earliest! You can also browse through our product range online and place an order.

3 Accessories Phone Stores Need To Stock Right Now!

It’s not just the type of phone one has that makes it stands out, it’s also how they accessorize it! While not all phone accessories are as popular as others, there are a few items cell phone stores must stock up on that not only enhance its appearance but also add value to the device’s functionality.     

Screen Protectors

A person spends quite a fortune when buying a new cell phone so it only makes sense that they take the actions necessary to protect it! Nobody likes a broken screen and phone users usually make sure that their device’s LED surface is covered with a high quality screen protector.

 Cellphone cover

This low cost accessory can have massive advantages in the long run. The tempered glass screen protector not only helps maintain the brand new appearance of your cell phone, but also ensures it functions smoothly with its sensitive touch screen response. The anti-glare properties and finger print resistance technology makes it the perfect accessory to protect the device’s screen, and is a must-have item for cell phone stores!  

Phone Cases

Just as is the case with screen protectors, phone cases are yet another accessory phone stores must stock. These aren’t just additional accessories meant to be shown off, they add both style and protection to a device!

A phone case protects the phone from any external scratches and cracks on its surface, and adequately covers up the front, back, and sides of the device. Designed in a way that does not interfere with the phone’s features and functionality, these cases are tailored according to each model and add a bit of spunk to the phone. Phone users can choose the design and color of their preference and give their phone a whole new look. Definitely something worth having in your phone store!

Mini Tool Kit

One of the most worthwhile investments phone stores can make is purchasing a tool kit for handling phone repairs. This contains all the essential elements required to fix various parts of different cell phones, and is definitely a compulsory item for repair shops. The Tool Kit SW-1060, for instance, comes with a range of tools such as screwdrivers and prizers which are of immense help when repairing or replacing a part for an iPhone 7.  


Here at Cell Parts Hub, we have a range of mobile phone repair parts and accessories available for wholesale and retail purchase. View our product range for various cellular brands online and fill up your shopping carts to get high quality and much-needed accessories for your phone store!