Many iPhone users often complain about not being able to hear the caller unless they put their phones on loudspeaker mode. The problem often occurs if the phone was dropped recently, unplugged from charging or if the headphones were unplugged.


That being said, a range of different issues could lead to this malfunction.

Here are some quick fixes you can try out:

Fix the iPhone Case

The iPhone case could be a problem as it can sometimes block the receiver when it dislodges from its place.

Remove the case from your iPhone and then try attending the call. This should always be your first step before trying anything else.

Ensure that iPhone isn’t in Headphone Mode

The iPhone could remain in headphone mode even after you have removed the headphones from the jack. The reason for this could be debris in the jack port, which is a common problem.

Try cleaning any dust or debris from inside the port and then connect and disconnect the headphones again. This will allow your iPhone to recognize that it has been disconnected from the headphones.


If you’ve set Bluetooth to on, it could be causing disturbances to the call audio.

Go to the settings and turn the Bluetooth off and then try calling to ensure that this isn’t the issue.


If you are using any third-party call blocking apps, they may be interfering with your calls.

This is a rare occurrence, but has been reported by some iPhone users. Try uninstalling any such app and then try and see if the problem is resolved.

Reset Network Setting

The problem may not be with your phone, but with your carrier. The first thing you can do is perform a network reset. Perform this by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Once your phone powers back up, check for all the carrier updates and download them.

If the problem remains unresolved, then get in touch with your carrier network to see how they can assist you with this problem.

Hard Reset

Before going for a professional diagnosis, rule out any sort of software problem by performing a hard reset on your phone.

To perform a hard rest on your iPhone:

  •  Press and release the volume up button
  •  Press and release the volume down button
  •  Press and hold the power button until the reset starts

If all this doesn’t work, then you will have to take your iPhone to the Apple store for a professional inspection. You may need to have your ear piece replaced in order to have your phone in working condition again.

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