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Blog posts of '2018' 'July'

Essential Accessories for Android Users


Before being acquired by Google, Android was an operating system developed by a Canadian company for digital cameras and mobile phones.

Over the years, it has become one of the most popular operating systems in the cell phone industry.

It is estimated that by 2020, Android phones will account for sixty percent of the total market share.  

Want to turn up the functionality of your smartphone? With certain add-ons, you can. Some of these accessories include:

High Quality Headphones


Some of us can’t survive without our earphones. Whether on the metro listening to Nirvana’s Smells Like Teen Spirit, or at work, listening to soft white noise, we need our earphones.

Want to enhance your music experience? You need high quality headphones. Don’t sacrifice quality for a low price. In low quality headphones, the ear buds can break quickly and ruin your experience.

Glass Screen Protector

The screen is the most vulnerable part of our phones. Dropping your phone can lead to a cracked screen. Installing a glass screen protector can prevent this. The protector absorbs most of the force while protecting your phone from scratches.

In addition to being durable, glass screen protectors are easy to replace in case they get damaged. They also protect your phone’s screen from dirt and dust particles.

Phone Case


A phone case can protect your cell phone from water damage and falls. In addition to that, you can also use them for other purposes. For example, you can use a phone case as a wallet.

However, when it comes to phone cases Android users do not have a lot of options available since manufacturers only produce cases for flagship products.

External Battery

Do not trust your cell phone battery to last? An external battery pack can help. Make sure you keep a battery with high capacity when you plan to go on a long trip.

Fast Charger

A fast charger has higher amperage and replenishes your phone battery quickly. However, you will have to make sure that the charger you are using is compatible with your phone. Failure to do so can result in the phone battery getting damaged.

Smart Watch


There are some people who might not consider smart watches to be essential accessories. However, this gadget can significantly enhance the user’s experience. Today you can use it to keeping track of your fitness activities, texting, receive calls, for navigation—get creative with it!

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Cell Phone Accessories— What’s Trending?

The cell phone accessory market was worth more than sixty billion dollars in 2016. Forecasts indicate that by 2020, this segment will register a CAGR of more than six percent.


There are a number of reasons why the cell phone accessories market is growing. These include:

  •  Increase in demand for mobile hardware
  •  Popularity of wireless accessories
  •  Increased customer awareness

For budding entrepreneurs, this is a great investment opportunity. Take a look at the key trends in this industry:

Presence of New Cell Phone Manufacturers

Sony, Samsung, Apple, and Nokia are big names in the cell phone industry. However, over the years, new cell phone manufacturers have also appeared on the market.

These brands have launched innovative accessories in order to establish their presence in a competitive landscape. This has subsequently resulted in an increase in demand for unique and innovative cell phone accessories.

In order to compete with international brands, local companies offer cell phone accessories at a lower rate. If this keeps going on, pretty soon the market will be dominated by local brands. The major territories in this market include:

  •  Asia-Pacific
  •  North America
  •  Europe

Increase in Popularity of Power Banks

According to news reports, the power bank market is expected to grow up to $17.2 billion by 2020.

Increased Awareness


Consumers are a lot more aware; they don’t simply purchase products on the basis of brands; they want to know its features; how is it different from its preceding models; what are the company’s values?

Customers look for value. They want to know how purchasing a specific product will benefit them in the long run. Therefore, it is important that brands develop a strong online presence.


It is estimated that by 2050, sixty-six percent of the global population will be living in urban areas. This will also lead to an increase in demand for cell phones and their accessories.

Wireless Accessories

In 2015, the sales for wireless Bluetooth sets had exceeded 45 million. This statistic gives you an idea about the demand for wireless accessories. These are especially in high demand among the millennials.

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The Smart-Dumb Combo: 3 Dumb Things You’re Doing to Your Smartphone!

Just like many of us still believe that The Great Wall of China is visible from space, oil keeps pasta from sticking, dogs sweat by salivating, and that Einstein failed math, whereas he excelled in it and only failed an entrance exam—smart phones also have a range of myths associated to them.

We read these myths online and in magazines, and hear about them from the people we assume we can trust – naturally believing them and passing them along.

Consequently, we end up doing some dumb things with our smartphones that we don’t really need to.

Closing down all the applications in the background


It saves battery and speeds up your phone!

We’ve all heard this.

It’s not true. Not unless you’re using a two-decade old smartphone.

Your present-age smartphone is designed to run multiple applications in the background without slowing down or unnecessarily hogging up on the battery life. The modern smartphone technology is also helped by modern app design protocol that makes these apps extremely convenient to run in the background.

Still, if you want to kill these background apps, feel free to do so – it’s always good to be organized.

Draining your new phone’s battery to zero before its first recharge


Drain your new phone’s battery to zero before its first recharge if you really want the battery to last longer.

This silicon ancient myth actually has a kernel of truth to it.

Older nickel-metal hydride or nickel cadmium batteries would “forget” what their full capacity was. Draining them was a way to reset their memories and help them to last longer.

However, the smartphones that we use today are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are not forgetful and therefore, you don’t really need to discharge them completely before their first recharge.  

Using a screen protector


Using a screen protector was once a good idea. It protected your smartphone’s screen from scratches.

But since early 2013, smartphones have been manufactured with Corning Gorilla Glass screens.

You can try it for yourself.

Take a sharp object and scratch your phone’s screen slightly. Next, scratch the screen protector with the sharp object. You’ll notice scratched mark on the protector, but your phone’s screen ill remain scratch-free.  

Which of these myths have you fallen for? Did we miss anything in the list? Please comment below; we will love to hear from you.

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