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Blog posts of '2018' 'March'

Don’t Replace Your iPhone! Fixing it is Cheaper

If your iPhone screen breaks, or if you’re experiencing some other issues, your first impulse may be to get your iPhone replaced. The reason could be that Apple’s warranty only lasts two years, and repairs are pretty expensive.

iPhone repair costs are, in fact, exorbitant; but this doesn’t mean paying for a new iPhone is the only option. Apple phones are not designed for being repaired only by people with an engineering degree.

By finding suppliers that sell iPhone parts at wholesale rates and learning a little about iPhone repair, you won’t have to pay for a new phone or the high repair costs. Let’s look at some common issues that you can fix on your own:




iPhone shutting down on its own and the battery having a very poor life are common issues faced by iPhone users. One issue that is commonly reported by iPhone users is that the battery the phone shuts down once the battery goes below 30%.

If you are experiencing shut downs, then there is no other option but to replace the battery.


Broken Screen or Red Flashing


The iPhone screen breaking after a fall is nothing new, and a red screen has been often reported by iPhone 6 users. Red flashings appear on the screen when the phone is turned on. Sometimes the flashing goes away; other times, it remains, rendering the phone unusable.

It could be a software issue and performing an update may resolve it. However, it could also be a hardware issue and may require replacement of the screen.

Replacing the iPhone screen is easier than many people think, as Apple has made it extremely easy.


No sound


Not hearing anything from the ear piece is another issue. You may be able to place calls and receive them, but you won’t be able to hear anything. After making sure that the volume is not down and that nothing is covering the ear piece, the only thing to do is replace the ear piece.




Will I really be able to fix my iPhone?


While there is no doubt that a professional technician can perform repairs efficiently, the availability of heaps of information on the internet, particularly YouTube, you will be able to get the job done.

The only thing you need to ensure is that you’ve diagnosed the problem correctly. You may want to show it to a professional for a proper diagnosis before performing any repairs. It will save you a lot of trouble and money.

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3 Tips For Buying & Installing A Phone Screen Protector

Being the second most expensive item to replace, Smartphone screens play a vital role in the overall user experience. Being a smart user, you must do everything you can to protect it. Screens will make or break the experience, ask any broken phone screen user.

Here are 3 tips for buying and installing a phone screen protector:


Do scratch-resistant screens need protectors?

Several brands claim to have scratch resistant screens, such as Dragontrail or Gorilla Glass, leaving users confused about whether they actually need to install screen protector.

While the quality of mobile phone screens has considerably improved, none is foolproof. All phone screens need the extra layer of protection on them because there is always a risk of developing scratches.

On the other hand, the screen protector also helps the screen in case of any water spillage, which is why putting a screen protector is always recommended.


Glass or Plastic Protector?

Plastic protectors have been around longer and are quite cheaper than glass. However, glass protectors are much more efficient and provide extra-durability to the screen.

Glass protectors are much easier to install and are known to protect the screen when the phone is dropped or falls. On other hand, plastic protectors have a short-life and start to peel off after a few months of use. It also becomes a nuisance installing a new one every now and then, as it is really difficult to put one on.

This is why installing a glass protector is always recommended.


Installing the glass protector

If you already have a screen protector on your phone, examine its condition to know whether it needs replacing. If it does, then remove it before installing a new one.

When you have your hands on a new protector, ensure that do not bend it. Although glass protectors are bendy, you still don’t want to do that, as it can cause some damage to the screen.

  •  First, use the sticky part of the scotch tape to clean any dust particles on your phone screen so that they do not cause any air bubbles. It is a time-consuming process, but it is worth it.


  •  You’ll notice that there are two sides of a screen protector that needs to be peeled. Peel only side 1 and place the protector on your phone. Do it slowly and carefully.


If you don’t get it perfectly on the screen or you notice any air bubbles, don’t worry.


  •  Don’t peel off side 2 yet. Smooth any air bubbles with your fingers and if the protector needs a little adjusting, use sticky side of the scotch tape for realignment.


  •  When you feel comfortable, peel off side 2 and you’re done.

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