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The Smart-Dumb Combo: 3 Dumb Things You’re Doing to Your Smartphone!

Just like many of us still believe that The Great Wall of China is visible from space, oil keeps pasta from sticking, dogs sweat by salivating, and that Einstein failed math, whereas he excelled in it and only failed an entrance exam—smart phones also have a range of myths associated to them.

We read these myths online and in magazines, and hear about them from the people we assume we can trust – naturally believing them and passing them along.

Consequently, we end up doing some dumb things with our smartphones that we don’t really need to.

Closing down all the applications in the background


It saves battery and speeds up your phone!

We’ve all heard this.

It’s not true. Not unless you’re using a two-decade old smartphone.

Your present-age smartphone is designed to run multiple applications in the background without slowing down or unnecessarily hogging up on the battery life. The modern smartphone technology is also helped by modern app design protocol that makes these apps extremely convenient to run in the background.

Still, if you want to kill these background apps, feel free to do so – it’s always good to be organized.

Draining your new phone’s battery to zero before its first recharge


Drain your new phone’s battery to zero before its first recharge if you really want the battery to last longer.

This silicon ancient myth actually has a kernel of truth to it.

Older nickel-metal hydride or nickel cadmium batteries would “forget” what their full capacity was. Draining them was a way to reset their memories and help them to last longer.

However, the smartphones that we use today are equipped with lithium-ion batteries. These batteries are not forgetful and therefore, you don’t really need to discharge them completely before their first recharge.  

Using a screen protector


Using a screen protector was once a good idea. It protected your smartphone’s screen from scratches.

But since early 2013, smartphones have been manufactured with Corning Gorilla Glass screens.

You can try it for yourself.

Take a sharp object and scratch your phone’s screen slightly. Next, scratch the screen protector with the sharp object. You’ll notice scratched mark on the protector, but your phone’s screen ill remain scratch-free.  

Which of these myths have you fallen for? Did we miss anything in the list? Please comment below; we will love to hear from you.

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These 4 Things are Ruining Your Cell Phone’s Battery

Our reliance on cell phones is immense. Whether we want to send an email, catch up on the latest social trends, shop online, play games, research for an important assignment – we do it all on our cell phones.

If that wasn’t enough, we now have smartphone controlled toilets—yes, we even poo using our cell phones.

All this use takes a toll on our cell phone’s battery.


Isn’t it annoying to pull out your cell phone only to see it’s all out of juice?

The experience can be quite frustrating.

Whether you blame the technology for that…


They don't make legends like you anymore!

…or your excessive use of cell phone, one thing is for sure: it’s not an ideal situation to be in.

Obviously, we can’t do anything to improve the technology by ourselves (unless you are the next Elon Musk) or cut our use of cell phones (this is the world of smartphones and we all live in it), but what we can do is we can stop doing silly things that ruin our phone’s battery.

Yes, there are many things we do on a daily basis without realizing these things may be ruining our phone’s battery…

Putting Your Phone in Your Pocket

Well, we all do that. Isn’t that what pockets are for?

Turns out, it’s one of the most common battery-draining activities. Pocket lint is a silent battery killer. Please keep your phone out of your pocket.


Charging Your Phone’s Battery to Full

Many of us think that charging our phones to a full-100 percent is a good thing. Obviously, if your phone’s battery is charged at 100%, it’s likely to last longer.

The truth is, charging your phone to 100 percent can gradually shorten your phone’s battery life.  

Give your cell phone pints of recharge during the day instead of giving it hours of power.


Putting Your Cell Phone in Your Car’s Cup Holder

You’re driving. You answer a call and once the call is over, you look for the most convenient spot to put your cell phone in.

Ahh, there it is – the cup holder!

But do you know, putting your cell phone in your car’s cup holder can actually damage your phone’s battery?

There could be leftover condensation in your car’s cup holder which could prove deadly for your phones charging port


Turning a Blind Eye to the Software Updates

Software updates can be tedious and they consume lots of space. But they are also good for your phone’s battery life. In fact, app developers keep battery life at the forefront along with other performance enhancement modifications with each update.

So the next time you see a software update notification pop up on your screen, instead of ignoring it, tap “Install”.


Which of the above tips helped you the most? Did we forget something? Please let us know in the comments section below.

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The Effects of iPhone Water Damage

Water damage is a common problem for iPhone users. Any sort of water damage to the phone is not covered under Apple’s warranty and may even completely void the warranty if the damage to the hardware is a little too severe.

It is really important for all iPhone users to detect and get their phones treated immediately after they have been exposed to water. If water damage is left untreated, it may completely render the phone unusable.

Apple equips all of their phones with LCI (Liquid Contact Indicators) inside the headphone jacks, which turns red when they come into contact with water. The LCIs are clearly visible from the outside and if they are found to be red, then the phone should be diagnosed immediately.

 Here are some ways in which water damage can affect your iPhone:

Issues with Booting Up

If your phone has been damaged by water, you must never boot it. The best thing to do is to turn it off and let it sit to dry. Only after two or three hours when the phone has completely dried, should you try and boot it up again.

However, issues with boot up are quite common after a phone has been damaged by water.

While you may have experienced a boot loop after installing updates on your phone, it can also happen after water damage. Boot loops mean that your phone will keep booting up again and again, without actually starting up.

Other problems that you could face with boot up are screen turning completely white or the phone not booting up at all.


Hardware Issues

If water enters from one part of your iPhone, then it may only damage certain parts. For example, the ear piece of your iPhone may stop working, while the rest of the phone may work fine. Similarly, your speakers or mouthpiece may also get affected.

You may also experience a little bit of overheating in your phone, which means that your battery has been damaged.

Software Issues

Hardware issues with you iPhone aren’t always apparent, which is why you should keep a lookout for software issues.

Software issues related to water damage include apps freezing and crashing or opening up on their own, and IOS freezing altogether.

You will need to have a thorough inspection of your phone in order to know the exact extent of the damage. In the end, it is better to get replacement for all the damaged components immediately, and since warranty won’t cover you, you will have to purchase these parts on your own.

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Why Can’t I Hear the Caller? 6 Quick Fixes You Can Try

Many iPhone users often complain about not being able to hear the caller unless they put their phones on loudspeaker mode. The problem often occurs if the phone was dropped recently, unplugged from charging or if the headphones were unplugged.


That being said, a range of different issues could lead to this malfunction.

Here are some quick fixes you can try out:

Fix the iPhone Case

The iPhone case could be a problem as it can sometimes block the receiver when it dislodges from its place.

Remove the case from your iPhone and then try attending the call. This should always be your first step before trying anything else.

Ensure that iPhone isn’t in Headphone Mode

The iPhone could remain in headphone mode even after you have removed the headphones from the jack. The reason for this could be debris in the jack port, which is a common problem.

Try cleaning any dust or debris from inside the port and then connect and disconnect the headphones again. This will allow your iPhone to recognize that it has been disconnected from the headphones.


If you’ve set Bluetooth to on, it could be causing disturbances to the call audio.

Go to the settings and turn the Bluetooth off and then try calling to ensure that this isn’t the issue.


If you are using any third-party call blocking apps, they may be interfering with your calls.

This is a rare occurrence, but has been reported by some iPhone users. Try uninstalling any such app and then try and see if the problem is resolved.

Reset Network Setting

The problem may not be with your phone, but with your carrier. The first thing you can do is perform a network reset. Perform this by going to Settings > General > Reset > Reset Network Settings.

Once your phone powers back up, check for all the carrier updates and download them.

If the problem remains unresolved, then get in touch with your carrier network to see how they can assist you with this problem.

Hard Reset

Before going for a professional diagnosis, rule out any sort of software problem by performing a hard reset on your phone.

To perform a hard rest on your iPhone:

  •  Press and release the volume up button
  •  Press and release the volume down button
  •  Press and hold the power button until the reset starts

If all this doesn’t work, then you will have to take your iPhone to the Apple store for a professional inspection. You may need to have your ear piece replaced in order to have your phone in working condition again.

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Don’t Replace Your iPhone! Fixing it is Cheaper

If your iPhone screen breaks, or if you’re experiencing some other issues, your first impulse may be to get your iPhone replaced. The reason could be that Apple’s warranty only lasts two years, and repairs are pretty expensive.

iPhone repair costs are, in fact, exorbitant; but this doesn’t mean paying for a new iPhone is the only option. Apple phones are not designed for being repaired only by people with an engineering degree.

By finding suppliers that sell iPhone parts at wholesale rates and learning a little about iPhone repair, you won’t have to pay for a new phone or the high repair costs. Let’s look at some common issues that you can fix on your own:




iPhone shutting down on its own and the battery having a very poor life are common issues faced by iPhone users. One issue that is commonly reported by iPhone users is that the battery the phone shuts down once the battery goes below 30%.

If you are experiencing shut downs, then there is no other option but to replace the battery.


Broken Screen or Red Flashing


The iPhone screen breaking after a fall is nothing new, and a red screen has been often reported by iPhone 6 users. Red flashings appear on the screen when the phone is turned on. Sometimes the flashing goes away; other times, it remains, rendering the phone unusable.

It could be a software issue and performing an update may resolve it. However, it could also be a hardware issue and may require replacement of the screen.

Replacing the iPhone screen is easier than many people think, as Apple has made it extremely easy.


No sound


Not hearing anything from the ear piece is another issue. You may be able to place calls and receive them, but you won’t be able to hear anything. After making sure that the volume is not down and that nothing is covering the ear piece, the only thing to do is replace the ear piece.




Will I really be able to fix my iPhone?


While there is no doubt that a professional technician can perform repairs efficiently, the availability of heaps of information on the internet, particularly YouTube, you will be able to get the job done.

The only thing you need to ensure is that you’ve diagnosed the problem correctly. You may want to show it to a professional for a proper diagnosis before performing any repairs. It will save you a lot of trouble and money.

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3 Tips For Buying & Installing A Phone Screen Protector

Being the second most expensive item to replace, Smartphone screens play a vital role in the overall user experience. Being a smart user, you must do everything you can to protect it. Screens will make or break the experience, ask any broken phone screen user.

Here are 3 tips for buying and installing a phone screen protector:


Do scratch-resistant screens need protectors?

Several brands claim to have scratch resistant screens, such as Dragontrail or Gorilla Glass, leaving users confused about whether they actually need to install screen protector.

While the quality of mobile phone screens has considerably improved, none is foolproof. All phone screens need the extra layer of protection on them because there is always a risk of developing scratches.

On the other hand, the screen protector also helps the screen in case of any water spillage, which is why putting a screen protector is always recommended.


Glass or Plastic Protector?

Plastic protectors have been around longer and are quite cheaper than glass. However, glass protectors are much more efficient and provide extra-durability to the screen.

Glass protectors are much easier to install and are known to protect the screen when the phone is dropped or falls. On other hand, plastic protectors have a short-life and start to peel off after a few months of use. It also becomes a nuisance installing a new one every now and then, as it is really difficult to put one on.

This is why installing a glass protector is always recommended.


Installing the glass protector

If you already have a screen protector on your phone, examine its condition to know whether it needs replacing. If it does, then remove it before installing a new one.

When you have your hands on a new protector, ensure that do not bend it. Although glass protectors are bendy, you still don’t want to do that, as it can cause some damage to the screen.

  •  First, use the sticky part of the scotch tape to clean any dust particles on your phone screen so that they do not cause any air bubbles. It is a time-consuming process, but it is worth it.


  •  You’ll notice that there are two sides of a screen protector that needs to be peeled. Peel only side 1 and place the protector on your phone. Do it slowly and carefully.


If you don’t get it perfectly on the screen or you notice any air bubbles, don’t worry.


  •  Don’t peel off side 2 yet. Smooth any air bubbles with your fingers and if the protector needs a little adjusting, use sticky side of the scotch tape for realignment.


  •  When you feel comfortable, peel off side 2 and you’re done.

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5 Reasons Why Your Phone Battery Drains Too Quickly

For several people, life is almost unimaginable without their cell phones. The number of cell phone users is increasing with each passing day. Forecasts indicate that by 2019, there will be 2.5 billion cell phone users in the United States.

It’s not just our mode of communication; rather, it is our organizer, our health check, our source of entertainment—and more!



Cell phone companies continue to add latest features and push the limits of what cell phones can do. However, there are certain problems that also exist when it comes to cell phones. One of the most common problems that cell phone owners face is draining of the battery.

Here is a look at some of the reasons why mobile phone batteries drain too quickly:


Apps that consume too much power


When you discover a problem with your phone battery, the first thing that you should do is check the battery settings of your phone. Battery settings give you an idea regarding the apps, which consume too much power.

We all have apps on our phones that we downloaded a long time back and have not used ever since. Removing these apps from your phone helps you in saving battery life.


A defective charger

People are often careless when it comes to charging their phones. If you notice that your phone battery drains very quickly even after charging your phone throughout the night, you should know the problem lies with your charger.

In such cases, make sure that you buy a phone charger from a well-known vendor. Faulty chargers can be dangerous and there have been instances where they have led to house fires as well.


Google Play Store


Every Android user is familiar with the Google play store. However, what they might be unaware of is it is a service that consumes your battery.

The app often collects data on your phone. The data ends up consuming your battery. Make it a point to clear the cache and refresh the Google play store once in a month to counter this problem.


Background apps


Google play store is not the only service, which can drain your battery. People sometimes forget to turn off their apps once they are done using them. As a result,these apps continue running in the background and consume power.

Widgets in your phone also consume a lot of power. Certain widgets like the weather application update on a regular basis. Frequent updates can rapidly drain your battery. Adjusting the update setting of such apps helps you in conserving battery power.


Adjust the brightness settings


Majority of the people use auto brightness settings in their phones. However, this setting also consumes a great deal of your battery life.

It is preferable that you should set the brightness settings yourself at a low level. This way you will be able to prevent your battery from draining.

Sometimes your phone battery might just drain because it is old. In such cases, you do not have any other choice apart from buying a new battery.

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Buying Mobile Phone Cases In Wholesale

During the last couple of years, cell phones have become quite popular. Since 2011 to 2017, the number of mobile phone users in the Unites States has tripled. Eighty percent of the population in the United States owns a cell phone.

There are several online stores available, which sell mobile phone accessories and parts wholesale. As a business, here’s how you stand to benefit by buying mobile phone cases wholesale:


Mobile cases provide protection


Cell phones are expensive devices. It is important for homeowners to ensure that they do everything they can to protect them from damage.

Sometimes small problems like a scratch on your phone screen can make it difficult for you to use your device. This is where mobile cases come in.

A mobile case is effective since it helps in extending the life of your cell phone. Your phone consists of important data and information, which can be lost in case your cell phone is damaged.

They also prevent dust particles from entering your phone. Water and other liquids can ruin your cell phone. However, with a mobile case, you can ensure that your device stays safe.


You can buy rare items from wholesalers


Unlike retails stores, wholesalers buy products in bulk quantities. Retails stores revolve around directly interacting with the customers. Therefore, they tend to offer products, which are in high demand.

This is not to say that wholesalers do not deal or interact with customers. However, they have a large inventory, which also includes rare items. This makes wholesale a lot more appealing to people who consider themselves to be collectors.

Customers also have more design options to choose from when they make the decision of buying mobile cases wholesale. You can buy a mobile case, which fits your lifestyle and preferences.


Wholesale products are more economical


It is human nature to seek the best possible option for the least amount of money. People who are looking to buy mobile cases are no different. Usually the prices in retail stores are higher when compared to wholesalers.


There are different materials you can choose from


Usually people tend to buy cell phones, which are made of plastic. However, there are several other materials that are used for making cell phone cases. Some of these materials include:

  •  Leather
  •  Silicon
  •  Wood

You are more likely to find mobile cases made of these materials at wholesalers than at retail stores at reasonable prices.

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A Guide to Cell Phone Screen Damaged Repair

It is very common for smart phones to fall. Sometimes, there is no damage – other times, you might have a badly smashed screen.

When that happens, you need to quickly get it replaced or repaired. Not only does a damaged screen look really bad, it also prevents you from normally operating your Smart phone.  

We at Cell Parts Hub have prepared a brief guide to help you fix the issue of broken screen. Read on:


Assessing the Damages


First up, it is important to assess the damages caused. The problem might be more severe than just a shattered glass, that is, your phone might stop working.

Take a look at your phone carefully and see where the damages have occurred. You also need to watch out for the electronics beneath the screen (the screen protected it). This is the reason you should apply tape on the area while you work towards finding a more permanent solution.


Back It Up


If you think that the damage is severe and would lead to further issues, you might want to backup your data. Make sure you take all your important files on a safer location.  


Check If Your Phone Is Covered By Warranty or an Insurance Program


Most manufacturers provide a warrant on their mobile phones. If the damage occurred in that warranty time period, you can easily get it fixed at any of their franchises.

You might also have an insurance program that covers mobile phone damages.  


Opting for a Repair Shop


If your warranty has expired and you do not have any insurance coverage, you might want to opt for a repair shop.

A quick online search will provide you a number of cell phone repair shops in your local area. Take a look at their websites and read online reviews. This will provide you an idea about their credibility. They will be able to fix it at reasonable prices.    


Preventing Such Happenings in Future


Now that you have got your screen repaired, you do not want to make that happen again. Here are some cautionary measures you can take:

  •  You can get a robust protective screen case. A strong rubber case will do the trick.
  •  You might also opt for gadget insurance. This will cover costs for any future damages.
  •  Finally, you need to be careful with your phone.

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Important Consideration When Buying A Used iPhone

iPhones do not usually go on sale, and they aren’t cheap either. This is why many Apple fans may invest in a used one.

Try buying a used iPhone from someone you know, like a relative or a friend. You’ll have a better idea about its usage. Be careful while buying a used or refurbished phone from unknown sellers.

 Here are certain important considerations when purchasing:


The right carrier

All iPhones after iPhone 5 generally work on all networks, but there are certain differences. The AT&T network utilizes an extra LTE signal, which many others do not, which provides faster speed and performance in certain areas.

So if you get an iPhone that was designed for Verizon and use AT&T network, you may not be able to utilize that extra fast speed.

Inquire about the iPhone’s model from the seller; it will be something like A1633, A1634, A1688 and so on. Search about the model number to know the specifications and see if it is well-suited for your carrier.


Ensure that the iPhone isn’t stolen

Before you make the payment, you will need to make sure that the phone isn’t stolen. Apple provides an Activation Lock status tool which prevents new users from activating the phone. Get the IMEI number of the iPhone and check the phone’s status. If the seller is legit, he/she will not have any problem handing over the information.


Carrier Lock

You will also need to call your carrier company and give them the IMEI number of the phone to ensure that the phone isn’t carrier locked. You carrier company will be able to guide you accordingly and prevent any problem from arising.



Once everything is in order, it all comes down to the condition of the phone.

Ask the seller when it was purchased and when its warranty ran out. Also ask about any repairs that were performed on the phone, as it can make a big difference on the hardware. Minor scratches on the body and screen are fine, but there shouldn’t be any cracks.

If the phone is more than a year old, the battery can cause a lot of problems. Ask the seller whether they are considering changing the battery before selling; otherwise you will have to do it yourself. In this case, you should ask for concessions.

Conduct a thorough check on the screen to ensure that there are no dead pixels and that all sensors are working appropriately.

The SIM card slot has a water damage indicator inside which can tell you if the iPhone has ever been dropped in water. Make sure to check that too.


Selling your old phone

You may now be planning to sell your old phone and wondering how you can get a good bargain on it. The best way to get a good price is to change its screen and battery. A manufacturer’s warranty on those replaced parts will increase the price of your phone even further.

You can buy all mobile phone parts online from our website. We have parts for all phone parts wholesale , whether Android or iOS, with manufacturer warranties. We also provide free and overnight shipping on orders of more than $750.