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A Repair Store’s Guide To Keeping Your Clients Informed About Hiring Professional Phone Repair Services

Smartphones are no longer a luxury. They’re incorporated into our everyday routines. Whether it’s sending an email on-the-go or checking your social media account, smartphones keep us connected.


The U.S. is ranked among the leading countries that adopted smartphone technology. According to statistics of 2017, 224.3 million people used smartphones in the U.S.

A technology that’s so massively adopted suffers from occasional damages as well. From landing on the floor to having water spilled, cell phones are exposed to various damages. A study conducted in 2014 reported that the damaged phones have been costing $4.8 billion to Americans since the last two years.  

As a cell phone repair retailer, you encounter many clients that try DIY hacks to repair their cell phones only for it to take a turn for the worse.

Here’s what you should tell your clients:


1. Appropriate Tools



Repairing a phone is a tough job. It requires precision and knowledge of the cell phone circuitry. The nano-sized wiring inside phones can be easily damaged during repair. Hiring a professional can eliminate this risk. They’re skilled for the job and have the appropriate tools for it.


2. Quick and Guaranteed Repair


Repair service providers provide rapid repair services with guaranteed results. If it’s a minor fault the repair hardly takes half an hour. In case of a major fault, the professional can inform you if it’s worth repairing.


3.  Save the Cost


There’s a chance that you might end up damaging your phone beyond repair in an attempt to mend it. Getting your phone repaired from a professional ensures guaranteed results.


4. Warranty Protection




The warranty claim is voided in case of a repair attempt. A professional repair center provides exceptional repair services while maintaining your warranty.


5. Restored Efficiency


Your phone slows down over time due to multiple reasons. A professional doesn’t only repair your damaged phone but returns it in mint condition!

Technicians refresh your phone and remove bugs and viruses from it to ensure efficiency and speed.


6. Identifying Upcoming Problems


Professional service providers don’t only repair the damage in hand. They analyze your phone and identify upcoming damages as well. A professional is able to spot problems with your microcontroller or internal circuitry. He can then suggest appropriate solutions.


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