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A Guide to Cell Phone Screen Damaged Repair

It is very common for smart phones to fall. Sometimes, there is no damage – other times, you might have a badly smashed screen.

When that happens, you need to quickly get it replaced or repaired. Not only does a damaged screen look really bad, it also prevents you from normally operating your Smart phone.  

We at Cell Parts Hub have prepared a brief guide to help you fix the issue of broken screen. Read on:


Assessing the Damages


First up, it is important to assess the damages caused. The problem might be more severe than just a shattered glass, that is, your phone might stop working.

Take a look at your phone carefully and see where the damages have occurred. You also need to watch out for the electronics beneath the screen (the screen protected it). This is the reason you should apply tape on the area while you work towards finding a more permanent solution.


Back It Up


If you think that the damage is severe and would lead to further issues, you might want to backup your data. Make sure you take all your important files on a safer location.  


Check If Your Phone Is Covered By Warranty or an Insurance Program


Most manufacturers provide a warrant on their mobile phones. If the damage occurred in that warranty time period, you can easily get it fixed at any of their franchises.

You might also have an insurance program that covers mobile phone damages.  


Opting for a Repair Shop


If your warranty has expired and you do not have any insurance coverage, you might want to opt for a repair shop.

A quick online search will provide you a number of cell phone repair shops in your local area. Take a look at their websites and read online reviews. This will provide you an idea about their credibility. They will be able to fix it at reasonable prices.    


Preventing Such Happenings in Future


Now that you have got your screen repaired, you do not want to make that happen again. Here are some cautionary measures you can take:

  •  You can get a robust protective screen case. A strong rubber case will do the trick.
  •  You might also opt for gadget insurance. This will cover costs for any future damages.
  •  Finally, you need to be careful with your phone.

We at Cell Parts Hub provide iPhone screens at wholesale prices. We also provide protection against tempered glass for different cellular devices.

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