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3 Tips To Keep Your Phone Secure

Smartphones hold most of our details. From which road trip we’re planning next to even our ATM pin at times, they contain sensitive information about us which we can’t afford to lose to a security breach. As technology becomes more prevalent, hackers and viruses are finding new ways to tap into our phones.

The following are a few steps you can take to secure your phone against these risks:

Keep Your Phone Locked At All Times

This is the first step in securing your phone; when and if it gets stolen, the thief can easily access all your private data (messages, pictures, bank account details, emails, etc.) if it’s not secured. To prevent this from happening, make sure you either have a passcode, a fingerprint, a pattern lock, or face recognition in place.


When you’re setting up lock screen security, make sure you choose an option which locks your phone within the shortest amount of time after you let it sit ideal. This will protect your data, and save your battery if you forget to lock it manually.

Set Strong Passwords

Using our birth date or name as our password is our first instinct, despite knowing that they’re not very secure. It’s recommended to use passwords that are difficult to guess so that hackers can’t tap into your information easily. The experts at Cell Parts Hub recommend setting passwords that are not based on facts about you.

It is also recommended to have different passwords for each app. The reason for this is that even if a hacker gains access to one app, they won’t have immediate access to the rest of the information on your phone.

Keep Operating Systems Updated

Regularly updating your operating system is necessary, because updates come with added security features. Companies are fortifying against new security threats every day with malware protection. Hence, skipping a software update might not be a very smart move.


Mobile companies across the globe also recommend using antivirus software as an added layer of protection for mobile phones. Such software protects you from viruses and malware.

At Cell Parts Hub, we make sure that your phone is secure and up to date with the newest features. We also sell cell phone parts at wholesale rates. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services!

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