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3 Steps to Maximize Your Used Phone's Value before Selling It

Technology and gadgets enthusiasts from around the world pay special attention to new iPhone launches. Apple has a cult following and an extremely loyal consumer base which never switches to another brand.

Every time a new phone comes out, it means better specifications, a fancier camera, and more memory. But before upgrading, people first need to sell off their existing phone. It’s essential to sell it for a high price so you can get the new version without breaking the bank.

Here’s what you can do to add to the resale value of your used phone:

Wipe it clean

When someone buys a new phone, they don’t want to see stored data belonging to the previous owner. It puts out the impression that you didn’t do enough to make it feel like a fresh device. Also, too much data can slow down the phone, making it less likely that a person would want to buy it.

Always digitally wipe out the phone and restore factory setting before handing it over to the new user. This will make the phone appear brand new and might become a reason why someone would want to buy it.


Find out how much it’s worth

The price that you offer to the new user should always be market competitive. Your buyer qill not be willing to pay more than what the handset is worth. There are a lot of factors that influence the price of a used phone, the most important of which is the brand name itself. If it’s an iPhone or a Samsung phone, it’s likely to reap more compared to a phone from a lesser known company.

Get repairs done!

Repairs are one of the easiest ways to upgrade a phone. Before you head out to sell the phone, check for issues. A buyer won’t be willing to paying much if the screen is cracked or the headphone jack is broken. The good news is that you can always mitigate costs by carrying out repairs yourself.

If the screen is broken, chipped, or cracked, you need to get it replaced. Other than that, you can also easily get replacements for the volume buttons, power button, loudspeaker, earpiece, and more. This means the new user won’t have to bother with repairs and will be glad to pay a premium for these services.

At Cell Parts Hub, we sell repair parts of all major smartphone brands including Apple and Samsung. Other than that, you can also buy special tools which may come in handy for the DIY repair process such as tweezers and adhesives. Get in touch with us for more details. 

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