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3 Accessories Phone Stores Need To Stock Right Now!

It’s not just the type of phone one has that makes it stands out, it’s also how they accessorize it! While not all phone accessories are as popular as others, there are a few items cell phone stores must stock up on that not only enhance its appearance but also add value to the device’s functionality.     

Screen Protectors

A person spends quite a fortune when buying a new cell phone so it only makes sense that they take the actions necessary to protect it! Nobody likes a broken screen and phone users usually make sure that their device’s LED surface is covered with a high quality screen protector.

 Cellphone cover

This low cost accessory can have massive advantages in the long run. The tempered glass screen protector not only helps maintain the brand new appearance of your cell phone, but also ensures it functions smoothly with its sensitive touch screen response. The anti-glare properties and finger print resistance technology makes it the perfect accessory to protect the device’s screen, and is a must-have item for cell phone stores!  

Phone Cases

Just as is the case with screen protectors, phone cases are yet another accessory phone stores must stock. These aren’t just additional accessories meant to be shown off, they add both style and protection to a device!

A phone case protects the phone from any external scratches and cracks on its surface, and adequately covers up the front, back, and sides of the device. Designed in a way that does not interfere with the phone’s features and functionality, these cases are tailored according to each model and add a bit of spunk to the phone. Phone users can choose the design and color of their preference and give their phone a whole new look. Definitely something worth having in your phone store!

Mini Tool Kit

One of the most worthwhile investments phone stores can make is purchasing a tool kit for handling phone repairs. This contains all the essential elements required to fix various parts of different cell phones, and is definitely a compulsory item for repair shops. The Tool Kit SW-1060, for instance, comes with a range of tools such as screwdrivers and prizers which are of immense help when repairing or replacing a part for an iPhone 7.  


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